New position in Experimental MHD/Heat & Mass Transfer at UCLA

(from Sergey Smolentsev, USA)

The Fusion Science and Technology Center at University of California, Los Angeles invites applicants for a research position in Experimental MHD / Heat & Mass transfer. The studies are related to liquid metal MHD flows in closed ducts in conditions relevant to a fusion reactor blanket. Successful candidates are expected to have experience/background in the area of experimental fluid dynamics/heat & mass transfer. Experience in experimental studies of liquid metals (PbLi, InGaSn, NaK, Hg), especially in the presence of a strong magnetic field, and working knowledge of liquid-metal flow diagnostics, such as ultrasound velocimetry and potential probes, is desirable. Considerations will be given to both recent university graduates (Ph.D. is required) and senior scientists with a multi-year experience in the field.

The position is available starting from September 01, 2013. Applications or questions about the position should be sent to Sergey Smolentsev (sergey(at) and copy to Mohamed Abdou (abdou(at)

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