(from Christian Karcher, Ilmenau, Germany)

The Research Training Group (RTG) on Lorentz Force Velocimetry and Lorentz Force Eddy Current Testing at Ilmenau University of Technology offers

1 full-time postdoctoral position
in theoretical and computational magnetohydrodynamics.

The RTG is sponsored by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG. Final funding approval for this position is expected 08 May 2014. The position is thus available as of 01 June 2014. The position lasts two years. Extension up to a total of 4½ years is possible. The position is paid according to TVL E14 scale (approx. 45.000 – 55.000 EUR per year before tax). It is strictly dedicated to promote and qualify women in science.

The measurement of flow velocities in hot and aggressive liquids like metal melts and molten glass is a grand challenge in industrial fluid mechanics. A physically closely related challenge is the detection of deeply lying flaws and inhomogeneities in electrically conducting solid materials. Since 2004, scientists at Ilmenau University of Technology have been developing two novel technologies termed Lorentz force velocimetry and Lorentz force eddy current testing to meet these challenges. Both technologies are based on measuring the Lorentz forces that are induced by the interaction of electrically conducting moving substances and magnetic fields.

Within the RTG, the basic physics of these technologies shall be explored by performing high-precision model experiments, high-resolution numerical simulations, and intense analytical modeling. The RTG provides a creative and inspiring environment, excellent laboratory facilities, state-of-the-art scientific computing facilities, and the possibility of collaborating with industry and with foreign institutions. Further details can be found at

Successful candidates for the position should have

• an excellent doctoral degree, preferably in engineering, physics, or applied mathematics,
• an excellent knowledge of the English language,
• a high motivation for interdisciplinary work in an international scientific team,
• a strong background in modeling of multi-physics problems.

Experience in theoretical and computational magnetohydrodynamics is desirable but not required.

Handicapped applicants with identical qualification will be considered with priority. Special services are available concerning social matters.

Applicants should e-mail the complete set of documents (see in PDF format as soon as possible but not later than 30 April 2014 to lorentz-force(at)

Preliminary information is given by the RTG Head, Professor Jörg Schumacher and the RTG Scientific Coordinator, Dr. Christian Karcher, who can be contacted electronically under joerg.schumacher(at) and christian.karcher(at), respectively.

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