20-06-2016: 10th Pamir Conference, Cagliari, Italy

(from Augusto Montisci, Cagliari, Italy)

The next PAMIR conference will be organized by the University of Cagliari, Sardinia Italy, from June 20 to June 24, 2016.

The conference will take place in Cagliari and will regroup if possible in the same location, conference rooms and accommodation. The topics will be Basic MHD, Space Technologies, Ferrofluids, Applied MHD for Materials, Liquid metal technologies for coolant applications, MHD energy conversion. In parallel with the conference, a summer school will be also proposed with the topics centered on MHD for Space Applications.

The detail of the organization, deadlines, and main topics, both for conference and summer school, will be included in the next Hydromag letter.


Cagliari  Cagliari

Augusto Montisci,
Università di Cagliari
e-mail: amontisci(at)diee.unica.it
tel: +39 070 675.5848
fax: +39 070 675.5900

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